Yoga is a form of movement combined with breathing which now also has come to stay in the Western world.
Anyone can perform yoga and at any age. The goal is not to learn to stand on your head and contort your body in an improbable manner. The goal is concentration and concentration can be attained with minimal movements as well, if they are done in complete consciousness of the here and now.

Yoga gives you a broader view of life: deep thoughts about existence and the universe. Yoga also teaches you how to avoid negative thoughts, sorrows and illness. Upon attaining the advanced states of yoga, called Higher Consciousness, you are filled with feelings of joy, deep peace and mental strength. A moment’s daily yoga gradually gives you tools to cope with small misfortunes and withstand the harmful effects they can have on your health. Yoga is a technique to increase the body’s energy supply and remove all factors that disturb the supply of energy to all of the body’s cells.

Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years and is one of the oldest ways of curing different illnesses. The astounding results of yoga are today studied thoroughly by scientists all over the world and the consensus is that it has healing and relaxing effects. Usually proficiency in yoga is achieved after a relatively long learning period. However, the modern form of yoga provided by the Art of Living programme’s basic course can be mastered by anyone in 6 days and with excellent results.

Yoga is very widely practised and taught in all countries.