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Visualization is a relaxation technique that is related to meditation. It differs from meditation in that you focus on positive imagery to overcome negative feelings and to conquer stress. You sit or lie in a relaxed position and concentrate on your breathing, just as in meditation. You think about something that to you represents peace and safety. Perhaps you imagine lying in the sunlight in a summer meadow with small, friendly insects buzzing about…
Or perhaps you lie on a sunlit floating dock on a summer’s day as gently lapping waves rock you to rest…
Choose something that feels right for you and remain within that feeling for a few minutes every day.
You can perform the exercise below on your own, with the guidance of a therapist or with the help of a recorded CD or tape. You can buy tapes at the Era Nova bookstore or through EcaP/Bernie Siegel  , telephone number 99912038658392.
EcaP (exceptional cancer patients) is an organisation created by Bernie Siegel for severely ill cancer patients. There is a lot of audiovisual material and audio material in English which can be of great benefit to you if you know the language. Don’t forget to ask for the European format.
Also visit, email
In Finland too there are doctors who practise visualization therapy in groups or individually, email Despite a foreign image these people speak Finnish and often visit Finland.
Visualization exercise for cancer patients
Begin the exercise by calming your mind.
* Concentrate first on forgiveness. Forgive real and imagined trespasses you have experienced from different people.
* Now spend about 5 minutes cleansing yourself of negative thoughts, including feelings of fear that you have about your illness. Visualize this thought energy as black colour. Imagine a vacuum cleaner moving from head to toe, suctioning away all the darkness, all the black that is created by the fear and the pain. I will remain quiet for a moment while you do this.
* Now visualize a pale blue shimmering light above your head – it represents your spiritual guide whom you call upon for help while you transmit loving thoughts. Concentrate on your breathing, for about 5 minutes, counting your breaths. Check your breathing and imagine inhaling harmony and exhaling disharmony. Your aim is to harmonise your breathing and your own biorhythm.
* Now imagine that your higher consciousness is an ever growing golden balloon, there to protect your body. Tell yourself: I want the part of me that is immortal to protect the part of me that is mortal. Now begin your most intense concentration. Pull the clean white light out of the balloon and send it like a beam of strength into your bodily organs. Since your white blood cells are the strength and power of your immune system you can picture them as bubbles that attack the dark cancer cells and explode them with the power of light over darkness!
* If you are receiving cytostatics, support the treatment by sending out a lavender colour, as if you could see it like the light from an infrared lamp, and let the lavender shine all over your body. Lavender is the colour of wisdom and spiritual strength.
* Now send green to heal the cells that have been damaged by the cancer. If you want you can mix the green with the blue from your spiritual guide during the most difficult periods. Choose your own version or mix and imagine that the green is a running liquid which repairs and heals you from the inside.
* The final step is to again conjure a shimmering blue light around your head to maintain your mental fortitude and control over a weakened body. Expand the blue into a shield around the outside of your body. Feel how the healing power of this love light envelops you inside and out.
Imagine that you are in a state where you are protected and carried and end with the mantra: heal, heal, heal!