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The Foundation - PetrafoundationPetrafoundation
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The Foundation

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Petra Flander’s stiftelse för integrerad vård r.s. , called in English “PetraFoundation”


The foundation’s registry number is 1833830-9


Name , place of residence and contact information

The name of the foundation is Petra Flander Flanders stiftelse för integrerad vård. The foundation’s place of residence is Porvoo,Finland. The foundation’s website is                           Our contact information;  Petra Flanders stiftels  r.s.  Kvarnbergsgatan 15, 06100 Borga, FINLAND   e-mail adress;



Contact us.

In case you want contact a representative of our foundation please find the following contact information;   Peter Flander, Chairman of the Board, e-mail Please mark the mail with the subject “petrafoundation”.



The mission of the foundation is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients whom the traditional medicine no longer can help. The foundation is to inform of the possibilities that integrated care can provide and, within the scope of its resources, chart how a person’s physical functions can be affected by spiritual and mental forces.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of six members. Of these the Chairman and Vice Chairman are permanent. The others are represented by two doctors and two members who represent a holistic viewpoint.
Chairman is Peter Flander and Vice Chairman is Jerker Hartwall.


General information

The tasks of the foundation include for example making certain that information on integrated care is as accessible as possible to persons who are in need of such care.
The foundation shall arrange seminars and conferences on integrated care and in general support such activities.
The foundation shall support research into the importance of the human psyche for the healing of the human body and specific research into the impact of psychological factors on human health.
The concept of integrated care shall not be too narrowly nor too broadly interpreted. Homeopathy, alternative medicine and complementing care shall be included in the notion of integrated care.
Persons who are open to a new approach regarding the above and who have the required competence can be awarded stipends for their research.


More on the foundation’s aims at