Prayer & Support




For many a deep Christian faith is an intuitive source of comfort in difficult situations. The Christian church offers many services that are an innate path to an inner calm for many people. You can contact your own congregation, a priest you know or have heard of and whom you feel you can confide in for example through confession or spiritual conversations. There are also nationwide conversational therapy groups. Intercession evenings are held in many churches around the country and their work has resulted in many documented “miraculous recoveries”. You can ask for intercession by contacting

The church has people who can help you in all major areas of Finland. You can also contact the church’s centre for pastoral care in the hospital (telephone number 09-18021) or family counselling (same number) for information on conversational and support groups that meet your needs.

Within the Greek Orthodox community requests for intercession can be sent to
The church’s centre for pastoral care in the hospital or family counselling, telephone number 0918021.
Conversational services when you need someone to talk to – within Uusimaa county telephone 10072 – other areas telephone 080019072. On-call services in southern Finland between 9-12 pm.
Besides the Christian church there are other contact numbers relating to academic medicine and communal patient care, such as the following:
You will also find contact information for local Cancer Societies’ counsellors. There are local cancer counselling organisations also for children and youngsters. Through these various contacts you can also find information on conversation groups that might suit you. Don’t hesitate to reach out as these resources are there specifically to help you.