Non-Toxic Alternative Cancer Treatments



Non-Toxic Alternative Cancer Therapies
In the world of alternative medicine there are many efficient non-toxic methods for fighting cancer. The products used must be called food supplements because they cannot be called medicine because they are rarely approved by FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). The alternative methods using food supplements mentioned below do not cause adverse side effects if they are administered according to the instructions mentioned in the book “Outsmart your cancer”, and these supplements kill only the cancer cells. The other therapies described create good conditions for treatment as a whole. Research has shown that more than 80% of cancer patients in the U.K. use alternative cancer therapies as a part of their cancer care programme and also as a complement to the usual care.
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Food supplements have been known for tens, even hundreds of years, but they have been withheld from the public because the medicine industry has not considered them financially interesting since they cannot be patented. That is why there are few or no clinical studies available, and there is great resistance against their approval within medicine. But what is available is a great number of testimonies from thousands of patients who have been cured of their cancer. Many patients were close to death when they chose one of these alternative methods, and that selection often saved their lives.
The best source available regarding non-toxic alternative medical methods is Tanya Harter Pierce’s webpage:, as well as the book with the same name.
The book is available: in Swedish and English on

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We urge you to buy the book “Outsmart Your Cancer”  because it represents combined knowledge of detailed information on the dosage of the different food supplements, and comprises deep knowledge on the complicated processes, described in an easy-to-understand way, with varied abstracts from patients and studies. It also describes the details necessary to know before you take any further actions. 

We mention below some of the non-toxic therapies and food supplements described in detail by Tanya Harter Pierce in her book. All the described therapies have cured thousands of seriously ill cancer patients during a long period of time. It is mostly possible to combine the therapies with chemotherapy, but your physician must be informed because the chemotherapy dosage both can and must be significantly decreased.

Protocel Protocel can be acquired in Europe , including the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic countries from .  In USA and other areas purchase Protocel from
The product works so that it attacks the anaerobic properties in cancer cells by lowering marginally the electric potential of all cells. Since the cancer cells have a significantly lower potential in comparison with normal cells, they cannot cope with the marginal decrease, and therefore they die. The healthy cells survive the lowering of potential by a good margin. Protocel is taken orally (through the mouth) and this therapy can be administered at home.  Protocel can well be used together with other therapies and chemotherapy. However there are some restrictions mentioned in

The cost of the product is about 100 Euros per month. Protocel has cured a large number of even seriously ill cancer patients.


Cesium therapy. This is a powerful method to outsmart cancer, see: . Cesium is used in the form of Cesiumchloride.  (This Cesium [Cs] must not be confounded with the radioactive Cs isotope, which is very toxic. There is no chance the you will get the isotop by any mistake). Our cells, both healthy and cancer cells, can live and procreate within a pH range between 6,5 – 7,5. Healthy cells have a pH of 7,35 whilst cancer cells are significantly more acid, i.e. have a lower pH. When taking   chesiumchloride orally the cancer cells’ pH increases significantly and they die quickly. Normal cells do not absorb Cesium since they already have high pH. This method can be administered at home, but under the supervision of a physician in case you suffer from heart disease. The levels of Calcium and Magnesium in your blood should be monitored regularly.


Essiac tea.      The active substances in Essiac Tea are the ingredients of Sheep Sorrel. Dr. Gary Glum of the Memorial Sloan-Kettinger Cancer Clinic has found that the herb has powerful cancer-fighting properties. The method has cured a great number of cancer patients during many decades. The therapy is available in USA, Europe and Canada. While researching for his book, Gary Glum came across Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who was a personal physician for the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch also ran a cancer clinic in Boston, MA. He had Rene Caise work there with him from 1959 to 1962. Dr. Brusch treated both his own cancer and Ted Kennedy’s son’s incurable cancer successfully with Essiac. Unfortunately, he was hit with a gag order and told to keep quiet or wind up in prison for the rest of his life.   The cost of the therapy is about  0,40 USD/day
Learn more:                                                                                                                                         and read the e-book


Laetrile ,   Laetrile is a concentrated and purified version of vitamin B17 and has been used therapeutically to help a countless number of people to overcome their cancer. B17, which is present in several different foods, consists of one molecule which comprises two units glucose, one unit benzaldehyde and one unit cyanide. When B17 comes in contact with a cancer cell it is broken down by a hormone found only on the surface of the cancer cell, and becomes a veritable smart-bomb which destroys the cancer cell. Healthy cells do not cause breakdown of B17. Cancer is unknown to people living in areas with food products rich in B-17, and the population lives to a remarkably high age. Apparently nature has provided us with an ingenious defense against cancer, and it is an ordinary nutrient in our food. These are, amongst others nuts, seeds, vegetables, and in particular apricot kernels. Read also G. Edward Griffin’s book: World Without Cancer. B17 can advantageously be used together with Cesium therapy.


Burzynski’s Antineoplastone Therapy   Dr. Burzynski’s method is hailed as one of the most promising cancer therapies ever developed. Even if it is expensive, it is not toxic and has led to countless recoveries. Those suffering from lymphoma or brain cancer, including brain cancer in children, have recovered exceptionally well. At present the Burzynski method is available to those who can afford it, or those who fulfil the criteria for experimental therapy in his clinic in Houston, Texas.


Bludwig Protocol, Linseed and Cottage Cheese. This is described in our web site under the title: Diet. Visit .  The method is based on Prof. Warburg’s cell research, which gave him the Nobel prize in 1926. All cancer cells have the fact in common that they ferment glucose in order to produce the energy for survival, on the other hand healthy cells produce their energy through oxidation of glucose and fats.  A healthy cell turns cancerous when its oxygen supply is limited. In case the cell does not have access to essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids this situation of oxygen shortage will occur. The Budwig Protocol is concentrated on increasing the oxygen supply to the cells by flooding the body with omega-3 fatty acids. This is done with a diet based on linseed oil combined with cottage cheese and other additives. This method is very successful and can be administered at home. In order to succeed it requires strict dietary discipline. Thousands of seriously ill cancer patients have cured their cancer with the aid of Budwig Protocol. There is a Budwigcenter in Malaga Spain and they are able to assist you extensively heal yourselves.

Gerson Therapy .  The Gerson therapy is a radically vegetarian diet, developed by Dr. Gerson. One aspect of his therapies was that the patient should daily drink several glasses of newly pressed fruit- and vegetable juices. To assist the often damaged liver to cope with the diet, a daily coffee enema was performed in order to activate the liver. This method has cured many very ill cancer patients.

We recommend that you establish collaboration with specialists in the relevant therapy method and follow their recommendations in detail. In many cases the distributor will assist with guidance and advice, and can refer you to the relevant sources of information. Several of the mentioned therapies require other food supplements, minerals and vitamins to enable therapy efficiency and not cause damage due to intensive use.

There are many other non toxic alternative cancer therapies that during many years have been used against cancer and in the following I just give a short list taken from the book “Outsmart Your Cancer” ;


Mental Therapies.

Few people know that the mental part of you influences your health almost as much as the biological and physical you. It is of outmost importance that you pay the mental part a lot of attention, and the ways are many. We will show just some of them. However, the backbone of everything is that you are honest to yourself and show yourself the respect you always have deserved.

Having cancer i tough, but don’t let this depress you, because depression  and negative thinking is counteractive to your efforts to heal. Don’t worry – be happy, as much as you ever can. Read jokes and laugh loudly, the louder the better, because it is VERY GOOD FOR YOU. Soon you will notice its makes you a better quality life.

Then back to the serious stuff..

The mental therapies can be strenuous and often require entering a chaos where all learned behavioral patterns are scrutinized and questioned. It is good to know this from the beginning. That way the process is not as intimidating. It is easier to enter a tunnel if you know there is an opening at the other side.
What scares me and what do I do about it? Have I adjusted and want to please everyone? Do I consider the needs of others before I look to myself to see what I need? Do I cower before arguments to avoid conflict?
Do I feel like an outsider? Do I have to be “good” to be allowed to join in?
Then it’s perhaps time to sharpen your fangs… Hold your own.
Perhaps a lot of pent up anger lives inside you…
In therapy you gain greater knowledge of and understanding for yourself, and a greater sphere of consciousness.
It helps you to bear pain and fear in a new way. You gain courage to look your monster in the eye, the one who has haunted your dreams for years.
(Carl-Gustav Jung called the monster the Shadow.)
And once you realise the monster guards a great treasure, it is even easier to begin the journey.
The monster has after all the answer to why I feel badly…