Petra in China 1997

Petra in China 1997








Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading the first ”Newsletter” from the Petra Flander Foundation.  The letter will include news that we consider to be relevant in cancer care.  In the first letter we explain the background and fundamental idea of the Foundation.


Petra Flander is our youngest daughter, she was born June 27, 1973, and she died of cancer on May 2, 2002.  That day is the most grievous and sorrowful in our lives.  However, Petra left behind the will to form an association that would enlighten cancer patients about holistic treatment, i.e. such cancer treatment that takes the whole person into account when planning treatment.  Petra was then fully active with her project, thereafter she lost her strength and finally passed away surrounded by her nearest and dearest.


We, Petra’s nearest of kin, founded the Petra Flander Foundation and collected the material available at that time, developed it, made a homepage and published it.


The basic capital of the Foundation was built up through fundraising, donations and sales events for handicrafts in memory of Petra.


The objective of the Foundation is to show cancer patients new ways and to instill hopes of a longer and better life.  There is so much that can be done but for which today’s healthcare lacks resources to cover, i.e. the holistic way of looking at the patient.


A lot has happened along the way since 2002.  We have established a cooperation with Health Creation, a very qualified English organization, and with our Public Health.  The Foundation has donated funds for the publication of books on terminal care and also donated funds for terminal care at the Terho Home.


All was changed when we had read the book “Anticancer, a new way to live”, written by Servan Schreiber.  We then learnt that the most powerful medicine against cancer, even terminal cancer, is right in our midst – our food and our lifestyle.  At once a new concept emerged which seems to be extremely strong, safe and easy to implement.


The core of this concept is composed of the knowledge about the synthesis of life creation of the cell, the Krebs Citric Acid Cycle (also known as the TCA cycle), which is the base of our lives.  Through this reaction the cell creates the energy which keeps us alive.  The most important conditions for the function of the synthesis are that the cell receives nutrition and oxygen.  If the oxygen supply is restricted to under a certain level, the metabolism of the cell is transformed from oxidation into fermentation, i.e. gassing, and the Krebs cycle stops functioning.  At the same time the cell is transformed into a cancer cell and its DNA is altered, whereby the tumor begins to form.  All factors causing restriction of oxygen flow are a very significant cause of cancer formation in the body.  The evolution can take decades, and during that time the development can be stopped without difficulty, as long as we know what is going on.

This knowledge is extremely valuable and very scarcely utilized.  But it is the core of our mindset.


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Peter Flander


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