Peace of  Mind
There are many gentle techniques to stop the thoughts that are revolving in your mind. In the following we outline some of the most used ones.
Sri Sri Ravi Shanka
Meditation, or the art of soothing the soul, is an effective way to lower stress levels. Many people find it easy to fit meditation into their daily lives. During the last few years an increasing number of scientific studies have shown that meditation also impacts beneficially the treatment of some physical and psychological problems that can have developed as a consequence of stress and low energy levels.
“Meditation has been achieved when the soul is in a state of presence. A mind emptied of agitation is meditation. A mind unconscious of itself is meditation. A mind without doubt or any kind of expectation is meditation. A consciousness that has returned home to its source is meditation.” (Sri Sri Ravishankar)
You experience the deepest state of intuitive rest by immersing yourself in a deep meditative state of consciousness. But this can only be achieved when the unfettered soul is allowed to seek the calm deep within itself. If you regularly practice meditation the peace you attain will deepen and remain for longer periods of time. You will find it easier to concentrate and will feel rested and alert. The healing power of meditation is great and should therefore not be passed over in the search for self-help methods. Experience shows that meditation relieves depression and eases states of despair and pain. In most cases quality of life is significantly improved.
Transcendental meditation
TM is fairly common in Finland and is based on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teachings which he introduced to the Western world in the 1950s. TM is a natural method of relaxation and self-development that is easy to learn. During the daily 20 minute exercise you experience, sitting in your chair, how your mind is freed from the chaos of thoughts that usually inhabit your consciousness. You transcend to a calmer and more pleasant state, a conscious state of rest. Guidance in TM is given both in groups and individually. Look up your local TM organization. There are many different kinds of meditation and you are sure to find a variety that suits you specifically.
See and or learn more about meditation by reading a book on the subject (for example will have a good selection).
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The Orthodox Church provides prayer and retreat meditation. Contact your congregation for further information.