Integrative cancer treatment .

Integrative cancer treatmentstrives to improve cancer treatment by considering all dimensions of care: the physiological, the psychologically spiritual and the social aspects.

Modern research has shown that tumours not only grow and become malignant through genetic alterations in the cancer cells themselves, but also due to the fact that the micro-environment of the body is advantageous to their existence. This includes the cancer cells’ ability to absorb sustenance and give rise to blood vessels (angiogenesis) and inflammation as well as their ability to suppress cell specific immunity.

The tumours’ micro-environments to a large degree determine whether the cancer cells will grow or not. The body has a number of defence mechanisms (the immune system for example) that can prevent cancer growth. These defence mechanisms are strengthened if we commit to a healthy lifestyle which includes, among other things, an appropriate diet, physical activity, stress treatment and good social networks, and if we successfully avoid environmental contaminants, such as tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Cancer research strives to map out the processes that benefit the existence of cancer cells. Once these processes are known, medicines that block them can be developed and thus cancer cells can be killed or reverted back to a healthy condition. An effective cancer treatment devitalises the environment of the cancer cells by fortifying the body’s own defence mechanisms. Research shows that changes in lifestyle and behaviour can strengthen those defence mechanisms and so impact the results of cancer treatment. This health consciousness means that we not only combat the illness but also promote and stimulate health. Thus people get the chance to impact their health themselves.

A radical alteration of previous lifestyle habits in terms of nutrition, exercise, your emotional life and living environment and retaining an unshakeable thirst for life both supports the treatments and can be the determining factor between life and death. The combined forces are very strong.

The keys to your recovery or to a higher quality of life for the time remaining to you, together with a likely lengthening of that time, can actually be in your own hands! You need not feel powerless in the face of your situation. You can affect it! New knowledge shows that you can effectively attack the cancer’s greatest weaknesses with means only you yourself control better than anyone else. These means are part of your daily life and have to do with nutrition, exercise, your emotional life and your attitude to life – an everyday existence free from stress in the form of feelings of powerlessness, in a living environment that is as free from environmental toxins as possible.

A necessary prerequisite for the success of this battle is that you have knowledge of the nature of cancer and the reasons why we get cancer. Only through knowledge and awareness can you create the insight you need to go on the offensive, through strengthening your body’s natural defence mechanisms and through the changes you have before you.
We again fall back on the contents of the book “Anticancer: A New Way Of Life”.