Fight Your Cancer by Yourself .


Petrafoundation is based upon the principles of fight your cancer by yourself utilizing Non-Toxic  Alternative Cancer Medicine. Our mission  is to support You in your fight against cancer, and to give you hope by showing you new ways when the traditional medicine cannot help You anymore.  Our goal is help You to live an improved quality of life and to win your battle.We guide cancer patients to fight to end cancer and  to create improved  quality of life enhancing  the natural healing power of the body  using  Non-Toxic  Alternative Cancer Medicine .    

Petrafoundation is a nonprofit organization.


We turn to you

-who have received the news that conventional care is no longer helping

-who are recovering after a period of rough treatment

-who want to bolster and supplement the cancer treatment you are already receiving

We want to approach your situation in a holistic, in other words all encompassing, way and offer Non-Toxic Cancer Alternative Medicine therapies and -solutions that support you PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

We want to give you hope. It does exist.

We want to point out how you can fight cancer yourself. It’s about what you eat, how you care for your emotional well-being, that you exercise and live as free of toxicity as is possible in your immediate environment, and ultimately, about what Non-Toxic Alternative Cancer Medicine Therapies you choose to engage.

We suggest links to topical websites about non-toxic alternative cancer therapies online. We give you tips about books you can read, music you can listen to and movies you can see. We give you links to different forms of Non-Toxic Cancer Alternative Medicine Therapies, art therapy, psychotherapy and conversational therapy as well as symbolic therapy. We teach you to breathe in a healing manner and to meditate.

Everything we speak of is based on research and/or a high number of  extensively successful track records from a long period of time.

We also give you facts as to what cancer is, how it develops and spreads and briefly how it is treated within conventional cancer care.

Much of our philosophy is based on two books we are happy to recommend:

David Servan-Schreiber, Anticancer: A New Way Of Life (2007) and 

We also recommend that you click on the following links: 

We collaborate with the HealthCreation organization which represents holistic cancer treatment:

Please get acquainted with HealthCreation because they have a very comprehensive  and applicable approach to fight cancer and very long experience from cancer care in UK.

Once you’ve found something you believe in and want to try we suggest that you, together with your doctor, integrate your choices with the care you are currently receiving, so that they don’t interfere with your conventional medical treatment.

Please make your aquaintance with and start thinking about your actionplan

When you ultimately feel that you have reached a conclusion about what Cancer Alternative Medicine Therapy , please do a final check by investing some money in purchasing  The Moss Report about your specific cancer and the corresponding CAM applicable for your kind of cancer. The address is    If The Moss Report supports your decision, then you are on very firm ground.

Our language is sometimes direct and perhaps frightening, but our hope is that Petrafoundation will give you the information you need to understand what cancer is and how it can be fought through measures that are within your own reach.



The content presented on Petra Flanders stiftelse’s homepages is provided for educaltional and entertainment purposes only and does not replace any professional medical consultation. Therefore does not Petra Flanders stiftelse (Petrafoundation) accept any liabilities that might arise from the use or misuse of the content of these pages.  See “Disclaimer” for extended text.