Dear Fellow Human Being,

A cancer diagnosis changes your whole life. It can feel like losing a foothold or like finding yourself on a stormy sea without oars.
The path You choose of battling on, means a complete transformation of Your previous way of life. Cancer is not an unambiguous disease but an extremely multifaceted one. It can only be tackled on multiple fronts at once, with a strong and uncompromising will to succeed.
We have tried to present knowledge and resources we believe in, that will improve Your quality of life and increase Your chances of a longer life. If You have enlightened Yourself then You now have knowledge to appraise and act on.

Through Your actions You take responsibility for Your health and will feel that it is You who control the situation. You should however do this in co-operation with Your doctor. If he/she is not willing to co-operate, change doctors – it is Your life that is at stake. Together You develop an optimal plan which You then believe in and stubbornly implement.

The belief that You are acting in the right way is in itself part of a powerfully healing force. You play a practical part in transforming the medicine of the future, according to a vision where the human being as a whole is foremost and where among other things a change of lifestyle acts as medication.

We have tried to give You oars and a rudder and ground to stand on, perhaps a shoulder to lean on.
You now have all the knowledge You need within reach and we wish You the strength and resolve to succeed.

With Love from the Petra Flander Foundation for Integrated Care r.s./Petrafoundation.