Battling alone


Battling cancer alone
Traditional medicine no longer has anything to offer you. You stand alone and despairing and don’t know what to do. Who can help and who can guide me are questions you ask yourself. Perhaps your doctor has even told you how long you have to live. He does not know that and has no right to speculate on it. Your battle with cancer will not end here if you act logically, deliberately and purposefully.
Don’t immediately rush to Google and click on “alternative cancer cures”. Among the alternative therapies are many elements which will help you, but the likelihood of finding the right ones on your own is small. Without expert guidance you only do yourself great harm and forfeit the chances you have left.
Our advice to you if you decide to try to “go it alone” is that you acquaint yourself with Holistic and Integrative medicine which together with carefully chosen support therapies seeks to supplement the care you have received or are still receiving. and
The people behind the above websites are competent, professional and responsible.

Seek support from them and good luck!