Anti-cancer Lifestyle

Our lifestyle, in addition to our genetic heritage, largely determines our well-being and the diseases we get. An unbalanced lifestyle leads to the weakening of our immune system with all that that entails, such as an advantageous micro-environment for the growth of cancer cells. This is something that cannot be generalised, as a certain lifestyle can be harmful to you but not to others, depending on your genetic heritage and other background factors. The lifestyle concept is not an exact one and we therefore limit ourselves here to defining lifestyle as our relationships to
-ourselves and our health
-our fellow men and social networks
-the surrounding environment, work, home, your own room, place of residence, etc.
Many scientific studies show that our Western lifestyle is harmful and that it is one of the main reasons that approximately 30 percent of us get cancer. If you want to do a more detailed study of your own lifestyle, go to  and click on “Picture of Health”. The exercise is useful and shows which areas you must prioritise if you want to improve  your lifestyle   . HealthCreation (HC) is the Petrafoundation’s competent collaborator and does very good work.
Many experts maintain that the future of medicine should also include knowledge and awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition plays a central part in our lifestyles.
The nutrition you ingest, in other words your nutritional habits, is the most powerful weapon you have in your struggle with cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund in England maintains that 40 percent of all cancer cases are due to diet. You cannot afford to eat junk food, sugar and high glycemic index foods and ingest an excessive amount of alcohol, margarine with trans fats and saturated fats, red and non-organic meat, white flour and rice, caffeine, etc. Make certain your food contains plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids and ingredients that counteract inflammatory conditions. Avoid retaining or gaining weight by eating fattening and unhealthy foods. Only the best and organically cultivated food is good enough for you. Diet or nutrition is not just about the effectiveness of particular foods but about our total eating habits in all their diversity. See the following links:
Please spend time studying the links and then purchase this book:
ANTICANCER: A New Way Of Living by David Servan-Schreiber
David Servan-Schreiber’s teachings will transform the way you see your daily life and your battle with cancer. Servan-Schreiber shares his own insights into how you can develop a scientifically based anti-cancer lifestyle. He demonstrates how stress and painful emotional experiences can promote cancer and urges us to utilize the advantages of exercise, yoga and meditation and minimize the impact of environmental toxins. The book is a guide to combining traditional and alternative healthcare in the right way.
The above lecture (1 hour) by Servan-Schreiber where he explains relevant connections between lifestyle factors and cancer. The lecture gives you a lot of knowledge and inspiration to battle on.
Counteracting cancer-enabling inflammations and the formation of new capillary blood vessels are, according to Servan-Schreiber, the most important goals in a continued battle against cancer. He himself battled these with a new lifestyle which encompassed a goal-oriented diet, as much exercise as possible and a positive outlook. This gave him a new chance to live a qualitatively better life during the remaining time – in his case 17 years. The measures are so powerful and scientifically undeniable that there is no need to turn our backs on our medicine. On the contrary, Servan-Schreiber urges us to always strive to complement the care that is given in co-operation with your physician. Change doctors if you do not get a response to your efforts.
David Servan-Schreiber’s “Anticancer: A New Way Of Life” is the book we recommend as the basic source for the knowledge you need to be able to combat your cancer in a rational manner.
David Servan-Schreiber was a good friend of the microbiologist Richard Béliveau, head of one of the greatest developmental medicine laboratories in Canada. Béliveau has through scientific methods researched the effect of different food stuffs on cancer. The two collaborated closely in developing David’s battle against cancer. Béliveau has written the book “Cooking with foods that fight cancer” (ISBN 978-0-7710-1136-8). Another book worth reading is “The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavour 
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