Anti-Cancer Diets.


Anti-Cancer Diet; How to Fight Your Cancer With Your Food.

You would most of all like to know how you can contribute yourself to weaken the cancer in your body and to stop it from growing and spreading.  Preferably you would want the cancer to disappear.  We cannot and may not make promises, but we can pass on what we know about cancer cells and nourishment, and about the mechanisms that contribute to weakening cancer cells.  For those who wish to know immediately, see “The Weak Properties of Cancer Cells” further on in the text.

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 First of all, cancer is a metabolic disease. Therefore can cancer be cured with means related to our metaboly, and the closest connection to our metaboly is what we eat. We are individuals, and therefore there are no optimal solution in common for all of us. We have to search for our own optimal solution. However there are some metabolicrelated  properties that all our cancercells have in common  and in the following we will focus on how to attack our cancer as to those properties with the food we eat.

In order that a cancer cell shall thrive and grow it needs an environment lacking in oxygen and is acid, and cancer cells love sugar .  This is where you must deal the blow.  Here is your possibility to get into a close battle with the disease.

In brief, what must happen is that you:

  •  Abstain from all sugar  and fast metabolizing carbohydrates.
  • Care for that your cells are able to utilize the oxygen in your blood.
  • Care for that your body becomes as basic (opposite to acid) as possible.

 What your food should include:

  • The most important of all is to keep insulin in your blood as low as possible, by excluding sugar and fruit as well as all fast carbohydrates.  One should eat carbohydrates that metabolize slowly, such as vegetables which gives a good base for recovering and a healthy life.
  • It is important that you also eat food that contains substances with well-studied anti-cancer properties, such as Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, or garlic which prevents the tumor from getting new blood vessel, cinnamon, resveratrol.  You can obtain these by eating organically grown vegetables, meat from animals that have pastured, as well as wild fish.  C and D vitamins as well as Omega-3 supplements, based on fish and seafood are important. Then your cells will be able to enjoy all the available oxygen. 
  •  Eat  food that makes the body basic.  Dietary advice provides lists of such food.  See:       


 What you should exclude from your diet:

  • Foods of quickly metabolizing carbohydrates, such as all food that contains refined, white sugar and synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame, soft drinks and energy drinks, ready-made fruit juices , fruits,  chips, potato, bread, pasta, etc.
  • Products made with wheat flour, i.e. white bread, pastries, béchamel sauces, etc.  The modern cereals contain 10 times more gluten than 50 years ago.  This makes bread unhealthy.
  • Processed meat products,  and meat from animals that have not been feeding on green medows.
  • Alcohol beverages and beverages with high glycemic index. 1-2 glasses red wine/day are OK.  But not beer.
  • Grilled, hard fried and deep fried food.
  • Food that causes an acid body.  see:


“The weak porperties of cancer cells”.

When we know the weak points of cancer cells, which can be influenced on by selecting the correct food, we can deal the blow there.

A. Cancer cells live on glucose only, i.e. “sugar” which the cancer cells ferment, i.e. they are fermented and form lactic acid.  We should adapt our eating habits so that surplus glucose is not formed, which causes high insulin counts in your blood.  Cancer cells thrive in that environment.                                                               

This signifies that we should not eat quickly metabolized carbohydrates such as chips and bread, pasta and potatoes, sweets, sweet food, starch, or take alcoholic drinks with a high glycemic index, such as beer.  Such nutrition is quickly transformed into glucose in the liver and this causes insulin “highs” in the blood, which in turn increases the growth rate of cancer.  By avoiding these nutrients the glucose and insulin contents in the blood decrease and it becomes difficult for the cancer to grow and subsist.  Low insulin count indicates that the body is in balance.

B. Cancer cells are formed due to a decreased ability to transform oxygen. 

Therefore it is of utmost importance that we see to it that our cells retain the ability to transform oxygen, i.e. they can take and make use of the oxygen in the blood.  To achieve this we must get the essential   Omega-3 fatty acids   in our food since our body does not produce this itself.  Clearly it is most important to ensure optimal intake of Omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish or supplements.

C. The cancer cell can only exist when they are acid and their microenvironment is acid.  The cancer cell is very acid (low pH) and lives and thrives in an acid environment.  The lactic acid resulting from the fermentation performed by the cancer cell makes the cell and its close environment acid.  This cannot  be changed by eating alkaline (basic) food, but  by choosing vegetables and drinks which are alkaline you greatly promote your fight against cancer. To make the cell alkaline takes  non-toxic cancer treatment with cesiumchlorid. That kills eventually the cancercells because Cancer cells die when they become alkaline.  The normal environment of our healthy cells is basic (high pH) and their oxygen uptake ability is at its best in a basic environment.

E. Cancer cells are very sensitive to many separate nutrients, regardless of points  A) – C).  A few examples; broccoli, garlic, asparagus, raspberries and blueberries, to name a few.  Buy the book: “Foods That Fight Cancer”


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You can fight cancer when you take advantage of its weaknesses by choosing your diet and at the same time ensure your victory over cancer with the aid of e.g. one of the alternative non-toxic medical therapies we suggest.  The above is just as important for your recovery even while being given traditional cancer treatment.

Finally also see this video, it is important:


Some of the individual anti-cancer diets.

 The Ketogenic Diet, LCHF and Paelo.  These diets are built up according to the same principle, i.e. they contain a minimum amount of light carbohydrates and sugar, and a maximum amount of proteins and fat.  The diet causes a glucose deficiency in the body and the cells go from assimilating glucose to assimilating fats.  Thus a cancer-hostile environment is formed, in which there is not sufficient glucose for  the cancer cells to grow.  The growth is halted and the tumor can even decrease, but the cancer very seldom disappears totally.  The ketogenic diet allows a certain amount of slow, organically cultivated carbohydrates.  For those who have cancer a strict ketogenic requires continuous contact with a professional nutritionist or physician who knows the implication of a ketogenic diet.  Children should be under rigorous control.

Look at this very interesting presentation to its end;


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Keto for Cancer, A metabolic approach to the management of cancer

   The goal of the ketogenic diet for cancer is to reduce the amount of glucose made available to tumor tissue.

  1.       When you restrict your intake of carbohydrates, you eliminate spikes in blood glucose.
  2.      Dampening the spikes in glucose also dampens spikes in insulin. Insulin is needed to activate the transporters that move glucose across cell membranes.         Cancer cells can have up to ten times more insulin receptors than normal cells!
  3.      In sum, by restricting carbohydrates, blood glucose and insulin remain within a much narrower range (low and steady), thus reducing the amount of            glucose that ultimately reaches cancer cells.

This is an e-book.

Miriam Kalamian,



The  Paelo Diet.

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. If you’re among them, you may know all too well how little modern medicine can do to alleviate your condition. But that’s no reason to give up hope. In this groundbreaking book, Sarah D. Ballantyne, Ph.D., draws upon current medical research and her own battle with an autoimmune disorder to show you how you can become completely symptom-free—the natural way.

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 The Cantin Ketogenic Diet.This book is about my son’s journey with type I diabetes and my own journey with aggressive breast cancer. It is about how I linked type I diabetes with epilepsy and how this helped me link cancer with epilepsy as well. I modified the traditional ketogenic diet used at Johns Hopkins Medical Center to treat epilepsy. I then used my own version of the diet to make my breast cancer tumor disappear in about two weeks. It is also about using my modified ketogenic diet for my son who is a type I diabetic, and him being able to eat without needing any insulin and without doing any calorie restrictions. This is my diet of hope -along with the research that comes from my heart- that I am sharing with you. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates



This book discusses which nutrients should be included in your anti-cancer diet.  The anti-cancer diet includes food that has well investigated properties, such as fish oils with their Omega 3 molecules and vitamin D, or garlic which prevents the tumor from getting new blood vessels, cinnamon, resveratrol, etc.  It is commonly known that there are many natural substances that can fight cancer in its different stages of development.  They might not not cure cancer,  but can as part of the total plan, in which each substance has its specific task, significantly contribute to the cancer having difficulties in developing.

Read the book “Rainbow Diet” ( which has been created by CHRIS WOOLLAMS.  He has  wide and unbound knowledge of cancer diet.”The Rainbow diet is a book about how to beat cancer, although it works just as well as a general health book I´m sure. It offers a detailed cancer diet and a cancer nutrition programme with all the tips you could want. But more than that, it is a systematic and detailed review of what foods do what to attack deficiencies and problems in the cancer process. It helps in cancer prevention and is the ultimate cancer diet book, like no other..Susan, Liverpool, England.





You can buy the book at or www.can HYPERLINK “”




Dr. Johanna Budwig’s diet protocol against cancer.

The Budwig protocol is a powerful cancer therapy which in the form of diet is specifically adapted for cancer patients.  It is extreme in its nature and requires careful monitoring in order to succeed.  The diet is scientifically based and more information can be found in the chapter regarding: Non-toxic Alternative Cancer Therapies.  The central factor is linseed oil mixed with cottage cheese.  The linseed oil reacts with the phosphor-containing proteins of the cottage cheese and forms a combination which the human cells can assimilate.

The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook, Apple Publishing Co. Ltd., Vancouver (Canada) (1994) ISBN 0-9695272-2-5 ISBN 978-0969527220.

The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet: The Revolutionary Diet, by Johanna Budwig, The Woman Who Discovered Omega-3’s, Freedom Press (2010 ISBN 1-893910-42-3 ISBN 978-1893910423.)


Boutenko, Raw Food Diet

We have cooked and heated up our food during a biologically considered relatively short time.  Our metabolism has not yet adapted itself to our “new” food habits, and it is stated that we would feel better by eating uncooked vegetable food, or Raw Food.  There are many representatives for the Raw Food ideology and Victoria Boutenko has cured herself and many others with the help of her recipes.  She is the author of the book Green for Life,  Her method consists in drinking daily 1-2 liters of green smoothies made of different leaf plants such as spinach, kale, ground elder, lettuce, etc.  The effect does not delay.  Already after 1-3 days one can experience a significant increase of life energy, and at the same time crave for sugar decreases.  You can get a free e-book from  

See the sites:  http://www.rawfamily.com

The book is a comprehensive guide to the extraordinary healing capabilities of green smoothies, including nutrient rich recipes for improved health and wellness.



Anti-cancer, A New Way of Life.  David Servan Schreiber. 

Anticancer has been a bestselling phenomenon since Viking first published it in fall 2008. Now, a new edition addresses current developments in cancer research and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent it. The new edition of Anticancer includes:
• The latest research on anticancer foods, including new alternatives to sugar and cautions about some that are now on the market
• New information about how vitamin D strengthens the immune system
• Warnings about common food contaminants that have recently been proven to contribute to cancer progression
• A new chapter on mind-body approaches to stress reduction, with recent studies that show how our reactions to stress can interfere with natural defenses and how friendships can support healing in ways never before understood
• A groundbreaking study showing that lifestyle modification, as originally proposed in Anticancer, reduces mortality for breast cancer by an astounding 68 percent after completion of treatment
• New supporting evidence for the entire Anticancer program 

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 Is it possible to fight cancer with changes to your lifestyle ?  Yes, definitely.

The physician David Servan-Schreiber discovered a brain tumor when he one day tested himself with the brain camera of one of his patients.  He was operated and given radium treatment, but the tumor returned.  That is when he decided to start looking into and do research on his own, even beyond the existing medical methods, so that he could learn and understand the character of cancer and that way possibly learn about new ways to fight it.

His point of issue is that the environment is central to the formation of cancer and that genetic factors are of considerably lesser importance than we have previously believed.  In his book he describes carcinogenic substances in our environment and food, and gives concrete case descriptions with what can be done to protect ourselves.  We all carry cancer cells in our bodies, but all will not get cancer.


You  do not need to read all the books. Our recommendation is that you read “Anticancer, a new way of life” and one of the others which you feel attracted to. That will do the job, and have a good reading !